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Jetsloth Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections
Jetsloth Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections 1.1.35



Jetsloth Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections 1.1.35


Collapsible Sections for Gravity Forms allows your to easily streamline the way your users or customers interact with your large Gravity Forms. Make your long forms easier to navigate by grouping them into collapsible sections and increase your form conversion.

Version: 1.1.35

Developer: Jetsloth

Updated: July 24, 2022

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Jetsloth Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections Features

  • Gravity Forms Addon – Collapsible Sections Addon is compatible with and tested with the latest version of Gravity forms 2.2.0 +
  • Simple to use – If your’re comfortable using the Gravity Forms form editor, your’ll be an expert using the new Collapsible Sections Addon. All options and functionality are based on and visible on the standard section field within the Gravity Forms editor.
  • New or existing forms – Collapsible Sections updates functionality to the standard Section field within gravity Forms so your can add Collapsible functionality to both new or existing forms super easily.
  • Custom settings – Collapsible Sections comes with some great global or contextual form options. These include options such as description placement, accordion behaviour, sections open by default, scrolling animation, custom CSS and form submit placement options. See our support docs for more information.
  • Custom styles – Easily add custom styles within Gravity Forms settings both on a global form setting, or contextually within each form. All custom styling applies to each gravity form your create and we’ve as usual got some great example CSS styles your can start with. See our support docs for some examples.
  • JetSloth suite compatible – Love our other plugins? We’ll we’ve made a match made in heaven and made Collapsible Sections work perfectly with Bulk Actions Pro, Image Choices and Bulk Add. We’re nice like that.


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