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Jetsloth Gravity Forms Bulk Actions Pro
Jetsloth Gravity Forms Bulk Actions Pro 1.3.4



Jetsloth Gravity Forms Bulk Actions Pro 1.3.4


Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms offers users 1 click selection options to select all, none or invert selections. Once your’ve selected the fields your need, your’re all set to start optimising your forms. Selecting the right fields your need quickly has never been easier in Gravity Forms, and we’re just getting started. JetSloth – JetSloth – & Premium Time saving WordPress Plugins.

Version: 1.3.4

Developer: Jetsloth

Updated: January 15, 2022

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Jetsloth Gravity Forms Bulk Actions Pro Features

  • Gravity Forms Addon
  • Built as a super lightweight Addon to Gravity forms, Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms means your don’t need to install heavy plugins to get the job done. Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms extends gravity forms to make for super fast form editing and management.
  • Bulk reorder
  • Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms reorder function makes for super quick drag drop of individual or multiple form fields a breeze. Get your form fields in the order your want in seconds.
  • Bulk edit fields Pro
  • Bulk edit fields allows for quick editing options across selected fields. Edit individual field labels, add field class names, or set the required status across multiple fields. Need to apply the same option to all your fields? we’ve got your covered!
  • Bulk duplicate Pro
  • Bulk duplicating fields or sections allows your to quickly repeat fields or groups of fields to expand your form easily. Repeat fields effortlessly with bulk duplicate function withinBulk Actions for Gravity Forms.
  • Bulk delete Pro
  • Quickly and easily remove fields from lengthy forms but deleting multiple fields at once. Couldn’t be easier.
  • Copy to form Pro
  • The ‘Copy to form’ function in Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms allows your to quickly build new forms based on preexisting fields across all your forms.


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