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Jet Theme Core For Elementor
Jet Theme Core For Elementor 2.0.5



Jet Theme Core For Elementor 2.0.5


Jet Theme Core for Elementor is a powerful plugin that is a must have for every web designer. Create custom templates and use pre-made templates to instantly build a stunning website. Jet Theme Core’s simple modular structure makes it easy import predesigned content blocks and templates on to your website. And with its expansive library you’ll find the exact design you’ll need. Unlock your current theme by adding new theme parts and tweak your headers and footers according to your desires. This Elementor plugin is a great tool for anyone searching to quickly create a mesmerizing website with minimal effort.

Version: 2.0.5

Developer: Jet Plugins

Updated: July 22, 2022

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Jet Theme Core For Elementor Features

Custom templates to create any page or content block with

Use Jet Theme Core to create custom templates for your Header, Footer, 404 Page, Search results page, Archive pages and Single Post. In essence, this plugin expands the possibilities of your default templates and offers you a wide array of customizability that Elementor lacks. You might wonder what the difference is between Elementor Pro and Jet Theme Core then? To be honest, both add-ons work splendidly, but what distinguishes Jet Theme Core is its value for money. While Elementor Pro requires you to pay a yearly subscription for its services, Jet Theme Core is only a small one-time payment. So for the fraction of Elementor Pro’s price, you get a high quality alternative that you can enjoy for years and years.

With this cost-effective Elementor plugin you can build your online business, blog, portfolio or landing page with minimal time and effort!

Jet Theme Core for Elementor’s premade templates library lets you create a stunning website in seconds!

Once you have installed Jet Theme Core, you will see a new button appear in the Elementor editor called ‘Magic Button’. If you click on it, the Jet Theme Core template library opens, displaying its hundreds of pre-designed templates. Here you can filter and choose between both section and theme builder templates. You can literally create an entire website instantly using this Elementor plugin! No more hours wasted by individually designing each individual element. Simply import a template, add your content and tweak the design and you’re ready to go. With its wide variety of expertly crafted designs, you can rest assured to find a suitable and professional-looking design for your website.

A premium, efficient and cost-effective way of designing your next website

To conclude, Jet Theme Core for Elementor is the perfect solution for anyone looking to create a beautiful website without wasting time or money. Instantly create a header, footer, custom 404 pages, single post page or archive post page with a single click of a button. Find the right design for you and leave a lasting impression with your audience.

  • Simple modular structure
  • Huge template library for each and every part of your website
  • Unlock the ability to create new theme parts
  • Fully customizable headers & footers
  • Use the Magic Button to quickly access the template library
  • Create a custom 404 page
  • Customize headers & footers
  • Create Archive Post page template
  • Create Single Post page template


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