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Jet Search For Elementor
Jet Search For Elementor 3.0.2



Jet Search For Elementor 3.0.2


JetSearch for Elementor is a plugin specifically designed to add the blazing fast AJAX filtering function to your custom header. While visitors are typing in their keywords, their search results will instantly be displayed in AJAX-powered popup. Supercharge your website with this crucial WordPress AJAX search feature and make navigating and finding the right content easier for your users. Whether it’s a custom post type, taxonomy, tags or categories, JetSearch scans through your entire site in seconds. Arrange the results according to its relevance and customize the way the results will look with this impressive Elementor plugin.

Version: 3.0.2

Developer: Jet Plugins

Updated: August 15, 2022

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Jet Search For Elementor Features

Why should I buy JetSearch for Elementor?

A functional Search feature is crucial on any website and JetSearch for Elementor offers a lightning fast variant of Elementor’s default search function. Its AJAX search feature displays search results instantly and will make navigating your website feel seamless. On top of that, this WordPress search plugin also allows you to apply filters on your search results. This will make it even easier to find the exact product or content you need. Provide a faster search experience, narrow down results, arrange them according to their relevance and customize your result area’s design. Basically, JetSearch offers you everything you ever wanted from a search feature, and more.

How do I use JetSearch?

1. Add the JetSearch widget called ‘Ajax Search’ onto any Elementor page or theme builder to get started.
2. Drag it into your custom header and go to the ‘Advanced’ tab to open up ‘Positioning’ block.
3. Set Width to Inline (auto) in order to make it align with the other widgets within the column.
4. Go to the ‘Content’ tab to open up the Search Form block and set the input icon, placeholder and submit button.
5. Open the Search Query block to make the filtering. Click on the Source field to select particular search areas. You can add multiple search areas and include/exclude certain terms such as category, tag or author.
6. Open the Results Area block to modify the search results area. Here you can set a custom width, results navigation and enable/disable certain components such as price, rating and so on.
7. Lastly, you’ll want to notice your user when something went wrong. Customize your error messages by opening up the Notifications block and type your desired message.

How do I style up the search?

Now that you’ve created your search bar, you’re ready to style it up. Go to the ‘Style’ tab and find everything you need to customize your submit button, typography, search form, results area and so on.

  • Work faster with AJAX – The search results are loading faster than ever with AJAX-based JetSearch widget.
  • Narrow down the search results – Search within any custom post type, any taxonomy, default tags, and categories.
  • Arrange the results by relevance – Make the most important results show up as the first ones when the visitors add search request.
  • Customize results preview – Manage the way the results are displayed, applying advanced stylization settings.
  • Showcase post thumbnails
  • Determine text content length
  • Use pagination to view the results


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