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Jet Product Gallery For Elementor
Jet Product Gallery For Elementor 2.1.5



Jet Product Gallery For Elementor 2.1.5


Showcase your WooCommerce products in the most attractive way possible with Jet Product Gallery for Elementor. This is a WordPress gallery plugin that will allow you to showcase products in a classic or modern gallery. Create gallery grids and gallery anchor navigation. Add videos and create image sliders to show your products even better. Its beautifully designed widgets will undoubtedly enhance your e-commerce store! Jet Product Gallery packs outstanding customizability and simplicity, which makes it a great asset for any online business.

Version: 2.1.5

Developer: Jet Plugins

Updated: August 4, 2022

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Jet Product Gallery For Elementor Features

See your sales grow with Jet Product Gallery!

Since its launch, WooCommerce has gained significant popularity and not without reason. Both large companies and small business owners have seen the rise of online shopping and the potential it holds to grow their business. However, nobody really spends too much time building the perfect website. Crocoblocks, the developer behind Jet Product Gallery, have been busy building tools for website developers from the very start. One of the solutions they’ve built is Jet Product Gallery.
When customers come to your WooCommerce store, the first thing they will see is the images. When shopping for products online, it is crucial to showcase your products in the most accurate and attractive way possible. Sometimes, a lack of imagery can be the reason for a customer to close your website.

They don’t know whether your product is what they are looking for, they’re unsure and leave your store without any purchase. Avoid this with Jet Product Gallery. Create a beautiful gallery the way you want. Add multiple images, videos and create a responsive gallery slider. Customize its design and choose between a classic or modern view.

Display your products in the best way possible with Jet Product Gallery

Jet Product gallery comes with four advanced Elementor Widgets that will be a great asset to your product pages. These widgets include Gallery grid, gallery anchor navigation, gallery modern and product gallery slider. Simply drag and drop them onto your Elementor canvas and customize them the way you want. Let’s introduce each widget shortly and see what they can do for you.
With Gallery grid you can create the perfect grid for your WooCommerce website. Every grid has a consistent size and all items are aligned either vertically or horizontally. Change the crop mode, width and height and have the choice to add a label under each item.

Gallery anchor navigation is similar to gallery grid, but with a twist. This widget allows only a single item on a row. Instead of multiple items on a row, making jagged paths and lines, Gallery anchor gives a more consistent look.
Add some dynamics to your gallery with Gallery modern. None of your items have to be in the same size or alignment, and you can create any image gallery shape you’d like. This design is more flexible and showcases your product in a modern way.
Last but not least, there is Gallery slider. Just like the name says it, you can create a slideshow to showcase your product. Choose the scale of your images, choose the controllers for slides and the transition effects.

  • Fit for displaying product galleries
  • Supports product video overviews
  • Great for creating product image sliders
  • Classy looking Gallery Slider
  • Scroll down to see more
  • Awesome layout with Galley Modern
  • Spectacular grid to view products


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