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Jet Popup For Elementor


The Jet Popup for Elementor is an exceedingly robust plugin that presents you with the opportunity to effortlessly fabricate captivating popups for your website through the utilization of the immensely popular Elementor page builder. By means of Jet Popup, you possess the ability to expeditiously and effortlessly build an assortment of popups, encompassing opt-in forms, announcements, promotions, and myriad other possibilities, all without necessitating any proficiency in coding. The plugin supplies an extensive array of templates and styling alternatives, enabling you to personalize your popups to impeccably align with the visual aesthetics of your website. Furthermore, you are afforded the liberty to select from an assortment of popup triggers and display regulations to guarantee that your popups emerge at opportune moments and in salient locations. With the aid of Jet Popup for Elementor, the augmentation of your website’s conversion rates and the engagement of your visitors shall be taken to unprecedented heights.

Developer: Crocoblock

Updated: February 2, 2024

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Jet Popup For Elementor Features

Jet Popup for Elementor is an incredibly robust plugin that grants you the ability to fabricate visually captivating popups for your Elementor-powered website. Equipped with an intuitive interface and an array of customizable features, this plugin empowers you to fashion popups that are uniquely tailored to your brand, ultimately captivating the attention of your esteemed visitors. Whether your objective is to advertise a novel product, extend a tempting discount, or procure email addresses, Jet Popup for Elementor equips you with the necessary tools to fabricate highly effective popups. Additionally, this exceptional plugin boasts an extensive array of triggering options, encompassing click, scroll, and exit intent, ensuring that your popups are displayed at precisely the opportune moment. By leveraging the unparalleled capabilities of Jet Popup, you can elevate your Elementor website to unprecedented heights by delivering breathtaking popups that actively engage your visitors and drive conversions.

  • Allows users to easily create customizable popups on their Elementor websites
  • Compatible with all Elementor widgets and works with any WordPress theme
  • Offers several design options including different sizes, shapes, and background colors
  • Includes a variety of triggers such as time delay, scroll percentage, and mouse movement
  • Provides targeted popup options for specific pages or users based on behavior and location
  • Supports A/B testing to analyze the effectiveness of different popup designs and triggers
  • Easy to use and set up with a user-friendly interface and pre-designed templates
  • Provides detailed analytics and reports on popup performance and conversion rates
  • Responsive design guarantees that popups work seamlessly on all devices, including mobile
  • Offers advanced features for power users such as custom CSS and JavaScript options.


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