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Gravity Perks WordPress Plugin
Gravity Perks WordPress Plugin 2.2.9



Gravity Perks WordPress Plugin 2.2.9

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Gravity Perks is a WordPress plugin by Gravity Wiz that allows you to effortlessly install and manage easy-to-use Gravity Forms addons (Perks).

Version: 2.2.9

Developer: Gravity Wiz

Updated: November 23, 2022

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Gravity Perks WordPress Plugin Features

  • GP Nested Forms – Create forms within forms for better management of complex forms. Formception!
  • GP Populate Anything – Dynamically filter and populate field choices and values with posts, users, taxonomies, terms, Gravity Forms entries, and databases. Pretty much anything!
  • GP Unique ID – Generate unique IDs (i.e. reference numbers, codes, invoice numbers, etc.) on submission for your Gravity Form entries.
  • GP Conditional Pricing – Create flexible, conditional pricing for your Gravity Form product fields.
  • GP Limit Choices – Limit how many times a choice may be selected for multi-choice fields (e.g. Radio Buttons, Drop Downs, Checkboxes, etc).
  • GP Limit Dates – Limit which days are selectable for your Gravity Forms Date Picker fields.
  • GP Preview Submission – Add a simple submission preview to allow users to confirm their submission is correct before submitting the form.
  • GP Conditional Logic Dates – Allows Date fields to be used in Gravity Forms conditional logic.
  • GP eCommerce Fields – Make Gravity Forms more eCommerce-friendly with support for Tax, Discounts, and Subtotal fields.
  • GP Limit Submissions – Limit the number of entries that can be submitted by almost anything (e.g. user, role, IP, field value).
  • GP File Upload Pro – A professional file and image uploader that feels like magic.
  • GP Date Time Calculator – Use Date and Time fields in your Gravity Forms calculation formulas to calculate the time between different dates and times.
  • GP Easy Passthrough – Easily transfer entry values from one Gravity Forms form to another.
  • GP Better User Activation – Take control of your Gravity Forms User Activation page.
  • GP Media Library – Automatically import uploaded files (images, documents, etc.) to the WordPress Media Library when the form is submitted.
  • GP Post Content Merge Tags – Adds support for Gravity Form merge tags in your post content.
  • GP Live Preview – Preview your forms on the frontend of your site.
  • GP Multi-page Navigation – Navigate between form pages quickly by converting the page steps into page links or creating your own custom page links.
  • GP Disable Entry Creation – Disable entry creation per form with Gravity Forms.
  • GP Price Range – Specify a minimum/maximum price for “User Defined Price” product fields.
  • GP Reload Form – Reload the form following an AJAX submission. Useful in situations where you would like to allow multiple form submission without refreshing the page.
  • GP Limit Checkboxes – Limit how many checkboxes can be checked.
  • GP Terms Of Service – Add a “Terms of Service” field to your forms.
  • GP Word Count – Limit the number of words that can be submitted in a Single Line Text, Paragraph Text and Post Body fields.
  • GP Email Users – Send a quick email to all users who have submitted a specific form.
  • GP Pay Per Word – Create products which calculate a total based on the number of words in a Paragraph of Post Body field.
  • GP Placeholder – Add support for HTML5 placeholders to Gravity Forms.
  • GP PayPal One-time Fee – Add a one-time fee to the first payment of a PayPal Standard subscription.
  • GP Expand Textareas – Tiny textareas in the form editor can be a challenge! Load form editor textareas in a modal window for easy editing.
  • GP Copy Cat – Allow users to copy the value of one field to another automatically or by clicking a checkbox. Is your shipping address the same as your billing? Copy cat!
  • GP Auto Login – Automatically log users in after registration.
  • GP Blacklist – Validate your form against your WordPress comment blacklist.
  • GP Read Only – Mark your form fields as read-only to allow users to see field data but not modify it.

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