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Gravity Perks Entry Blocks 1.0


Gravity Perks Entry Blocks is an immensely powerful and feature-rich extension designed specifically for Gravity Forms. Its primary function is to effortlessly transform your form entries into captivating and engaging WordPress content blocks. This innovative tool eliminates the need for any coding expertise, allowing you to effortlessly exhibit your form submissions on your website. Boasting a plethora of display options and customization features, Gravity Perks Entry Blocks empowers you to fashion visually stunning and dynamic content that captures the undivided attention of your website visitors. Be it the showcase of customer reviews, team bios, or any other form entries, this remarkable solution caters to your specific requirements in an exemplary manner.

Note: To utilize this plugin, you must first install the Gravity Perks Main plugin.

Version: 1.0
Developer: Gravity Wiz

Updated: February 24, 2024

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Gravity Perks Entry Blocks Features

Gravity Perks Entry Blocks is an exceptional and robust add-on that provides you with the ability to exercise control over the data entry process on your Gravity Forms. Equipped with this remarkable tool, you can effortlessly devise and establish potent data entry workflows that are impeccably tailored to meet your specific requirements. It empowers you to impose limitations on the number of entries per user, specify the sequential order in which data is entered, and even fashion personalized entry fields. This extraordinary add-on is an absolute godsend for enterprises and organizations that necessitate the collection and management of substantial volumes of data in a highly streamlined and efficient manner. If you are fervently seeking a means to elevate the prowess of your Gravity Forms to unprecedented heights, the inclusion of Gravity Perks Entry Blocks in your arsenal is unquestionably a proposition worthy of profound contemplation and serious consideration.

  • Adds customizable blocks to Gravity Forms
  • Allows for complex form layouts with conditional logic
  • Streamlines data input and reduces errors
  • Simplifies form navigation for users
  • Includes a variety of block options such as text, media, and input fields
  • Is fully integrated with Gravity Forms for seamless use
  • Provides detailed documentation and support for users
  • Increases efficiency and productivity for form creation and data collection
  • Allows for easy customization and branding of forms
  • Upgrades the appearance and functionality of Gravity Forms.


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