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Gravity Forms Campfire 1.2.2


Gravity Forms Campfire is a highly efficient and robust solution that seamlessly integrates the functionalities of Gravity Forms and Campfire. It facilitates effortless communication and collaboration among team members. By harnessing this integration, any form submission will instantly prompt notifications to be sent in your designated Campfire chat room, thereby enabling prompt and efficient teamwork. Bid farewell to the problem of overlooked form submissions and fragmented communication, as Gravity Forms Campfire will help you streamline your workflow effortlessly.

Version: 1.2.2
Developer: Gravityforms

Updated: July 4, 2021

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Gravity Forms Campfire Features

Gravity Forms Campfire is a highly innovative and incredibly useful plugin that caters to the needs of users who are seeking a seamless integration between their Gravity Forms and the Campfire chat platform. This remarkable plugin acts as a reliable and efficient bridge, effectively connecting these two platforms and enabling users to effortlessly receive form submissions directly within their designated Campfire chat rooms. By leveraging the power of Gravity Forms Campfire, users are empowered to effortlessly configure personalized notifications and receive prompt real-time alerts whenever a fresh form submission lands. This particular plugin is particularly well-suited for teams that heavily rely on Campfire for their communication needs, as it offers them a streamlined and efficient method of receiving and managing their valuable form submissions. In conclusion, Gravity Forms Campfire undeniably stands out as an indispensable plugin for individuals or teams seeking to enhance their workflow and significantly streamline their communication channels.

  • Simple and easy-to-use Gravity Forms add-on for Campfire.
  • Ability to receive real-time notifications in Campfire when a form is submitted through Gravity Forms.
  • Customizable notification settings to ensure you only receive the notifications that matter most to you.
  • Advanced integration with Gravity Forms to automatically send form submission data to Campfire.
  • Seamlessly integrate your Gravity Forms and Campfire workflows for increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Ideal for businesses and organizations looking to streamline their form submission process and improve communication among team members.


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