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GeoDirectory Embeddable Ratings Badge 2.3.3



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GeoDirectory Embeddable Ratings Badge 2.3.3


The GeoDirectory Embeddable Ratings Badge, an incredibly potent and influential tool, grants you the ability to exhibit ever-changing ratings on your website or application. This remarkably advanced badge, effortlessly incorporated into your platform, can be modified to seamlessly align with the aesthetic of your brand. Consequently, it serves as the ideal means to present and highlight the rating and standing of your enterprises, captivating your audience through an alluring and visually enchanting manner. Undoubtedly, the GeoDirectory Embeddable Ratings Badge bestows invaluable social verification, fostering an amplified sense of trust and loyalty from your esteemed clientele.

Version: 2.3.3
Developer: AyeCode

Updated: July 30, 2023

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GeoDirectory Embeddable Ratings Badge Features

The GeoDirectory Embeddable Ratings Badge is an immensely potent instrument that grants you the ability to exhibit your business’s ratings and reviews directly on your website, thereby bestowing upon it an air of credibility and authenticity. This versatile badge can be effortlessly integrated onto any page, thereby granting visitors immediate and unrestricted access to the invaluable resource that is your business’s reputation and customer feedback. Moreover, this tool is exceptionally feature-rich, affording you the ability to exercise complete control over the badge’s appearance and functionality, thereby allowing it to seamlessly assimilate with the overall branding and design of your website. By virtue of the GeoDirectory Embeddable Ratings Badge, you are able to foster trust among prospective customers, amplify engagement levels, and enhance your online reputation, all the while simplifying the arduous task of managing your online presence.

  • A visually appealing badge that displays the ratings and reviews of a business or location.
  • Can be easily embedded on any website or digital platform.
  • Helps businesses build trust with potential customers by showcasing real-time reviews and feedback.
  • Includes customizable settings to match the style and branding of any website.
  • Offers a variety of display options, including horizontal or vertical orientation and various size options.
  • Can be used for any type of business or location, including restaurants, hotels, museums, and more.
  • Provides valuable insights into customer satisfaction and helps businesses improve their online reputation.
  • Offers seamless integration with the GeoDirectory plugin for WordPress.


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