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GeoDirectory Custom Post Types 2.3.4


GeoDirectory Custom Post Types offers an impressive array of features that empower you to effortlessly generate custom post types within your GeoDirectory site. By utilizing this exceptional tool, you can seamlessly incorporate novel fields and categories into your directory listings, while also fashioning tailor-made templates for each unique post type. This invaluable functionality aids in the seamless organization of your content, rendering it effortlessly accessible to users seeking relevant listings. Regardless of whether your online presence takes the form of a bustling business directory, a comprehensive real estate platform, or an immersive travel guide, the utilization of GeoDirectory Custom Post Types will undoubtedly elevate the professionalism and efficacy of your showcased content. Waste no time, embark on this transformative journey today, and propel your directory site to unparalleled heights.

Version: 2.3.4
Developer: AyeCode

Updated: June 22, 2023

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GeoDirectory Custom Post Types Features

The GeoDirectory Custom Post Types plugin presents itself as a formidable tool that empowers users to generate and oversee bespoke post types for their esteemed GeoDirectory directory website. This exceptional plugin bestows upon website proprietors the ability to seamlessly introduce novel post types, such as businesses, events, and classifieds, each adorned with their own unique custom fields and taxonomies. Moreover, users possess the discretion to tailor the aesthetics of these post types, wherein they may exert control over the layout, styling, and functionality. By virtue of this plugin, website owners are afforded the opportunity to forge a directory that is, in essence, an embodiment of their idiosyncratic specifications and requisites. Consequently, the utilization of GeoDirectory Custom Post Types augments the directory website to such an extent that it propels it to the next echelon, thereby resulting in a heightened user-friendliness and functionality that is bound to engender sheer satisfaction amongst visitors.

  • GeoDirectory Custom Post Types provide a highly customizable way to structure your website content
  • Create custom post types for any type of content, from listings to events to classifieds and more
  • Easily add custom fields and taxonomies to your custom post types for enhanced organization and filtering options
  • GeoDirectory Custom Post Types integrate seamlessly with the GeoDirectory plugin for an all-in-one location-based directory solution
  • Use the powerful GeoDirectory search and filtering functionalities to create custom search pages for your content types
  • Customize the layout and display of your custom post types with the built-in template system
  • Take advantage of the translation and multi-lingual capabilities for creating location-based websites in any language
  • Use the built-in importer and exporter to easily move your content and settings between sites or backups.


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