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GenerateBlocks Pro Build better WordPress sites with GenerateBlocks
GenerateBlocks Pro Build better WordPress sites with GenerateBlocks 1.4.0



GenerateBlocks Pro Build better WordPress sites with GenerateBlocks 1.4.0

(2 customer reviews)


GenerateBlocks is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create light-weight and versatile websites. Built by the same creators as the popular and fast GeneratePress theme, this plugin lives up to its expectations. With GenerateBlocks you can build nearly anything you need with the use of just a handful of blocks. It works with any WordPress theme and is all about letting you create a fast and performance-based website without needing to know any code.

Version: 1.4.0

Developer: Generate Blocks

Updated: October 5, 2022

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GenerateBlocks Pro Build better WordPress sites with GenerateBlocks Features

A handful of WordPress blocks that enable you to create nearly anything

With GenerateBlocks Pro you will get four WordPress blocks that will allow you to build every single item on your website. It’s simple to use, it uses the native WordPress styles and controls and is therefore easy to learn. These are the four main blocks of GenerateBlocks Pro:

Container – With this block you can organize your content into rows and sections. Simply add a container and type /container in the WordPress Block Editor. What you can change on a container are: Full width or contained, container width, element tag and make page full-width option.
Grid – With this feature you can create advanced layouts using flexible grids. Simply type /grid in the WordPress Block Editor to start creating. Grid by GenerateBlock is kind of like the responsive column already on WordPress. But instead you get 12 different grids to choose from and a lot more power. Here you can change horizontal gap, vertical gap, vertical alignment and horizontal alignment.
Headlines – Use this block to create any of your text-rich content. You can choose your heading style, paragraph, div, typography, color and icon. Basically everything you need, whether you need to create a simple heading or a long article.
Buttons – Create beautiful buttons with this dedicated WordPress block by GenerateBlocks. Change typography, spacing, colors, background gradient and icons.

Build a beautiful website with additional features from GenerateBlocks Pro

Once you’ve built the main structure and functionalities of your WordPress website, it is time to tweak some details and create a stunning design.
Choose the perfect typography from Google fonts or Local fonts and tweak every aspect from sizes and weights, to spacing. Fine-tune the layout of every element by adjusting the padding, margins and border. Establish your brand by adding color to your background, text, borders and links. GenerateBlocks even allows you to apply color gradients to create a more playful yet modern look. Lastly, you can also add background images and create custom inline SVGs in your buttons and headlines.

GenerateBlocks Pro is powered by a reliable and lightning-speed code

Outperform your competition by building your website with the clean and speedy tools GenerateBlocks Pro is offering. With its clean HTML5 code, dynamic CSS and without any code dependencies, you’ll never experience a slow website again. Make sure your WordPress website is fully responsive on any device with its device-level controls and advanced flexbox grids. While GenerateBlocks is a fast, secure and stable plugin, you won’t be sacrificing flexibility. On the contrary, it will enable you to easily and quickly create any part of your website you need.

  • Four main blocks: container, grid, headlines, buttons
  • Typography
  • Spacing
  • Colors
  • Gradients
  • Backgrounds
  • SVG Icons
  • Performance
  • Endlessly Flexible
  • Responsive
  • High coding Standards

2 reviews for GenerateBlocks Pro Build better WordPress sites with GenerateBlocks 1.4.0

  1. Alex (verified owner)

    works perfectly

  2. MJ (verified owner)

    It’s legit and works perfectly. I’m very happy with this plugin and highly recommend GPL Love!

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