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Formidable Forms Twilio SMS 1.08


Formidable Forms Twilio SMS is an add-on solution of significant potency, enabling users to seamlessly receive SMS notifications in a direct manner straight from their forms. The utilization of Twilio as the messaging platform greatly enhances the efficacy of this tool, as it ensures a dependable means of communication for various purposes such as form submissions, missed calls, and even the provision of scheduled reminders. Whether it be for commercial or personal utilization, the incorporation of Formidable Forms Twilio SMS serves as an exceedingly convenient solution, allowing individuals to effortlessly remain connected with their intended audience.

Version: 1.08
Developer: Formidable

Updated: April 15, 2021

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Formidable Forms Twilio SMS Features

Formidable Forms Twilio SMS is a remarkably robust and efficient tool that effortlessly facilitates the integration of SMS messaging into your illustrious WordPress website. With the aid of this exceptional plugin, you have the unprecedented ability to dispatch text messages to your esteemed clientele right from the confines of your website, thus obviating the necessity of employing a separate messaging platform. Furthermore, Formidable Forms Twilio SMS is endowed with an abundantly user-friendly interface, thereby rendering it eminently easy to navigate, and it affords a plethora of customizable features that enable you to fashion and transmit SMS messages that are precisely tailored to meet your exacting specifications. Whether you find yourself in need of disseminating reminders for appointments, conveying exclusive promotions, or disseminating notifications, Formidable Forms Twilio SMS represents a remarkably versatile and unwaveringly reliable solution that is certain to facilitate a more streamlined and efficacious method of maintaining a connection with your cherished customer base.

  • Integrates with the popular Formidable Forms plugin to add SMS functionality
  • Allows users to send SMS messages directly from their Formidable Forms
  • Uses Twilio, a trusted cloud communications platform, for reliable message delivery
  • Supports custom fields and dynamic data, such as form submission data, for personalized messages
  • Offers a range of features, including message scheduling, message logs, and opt-out management
  • Provides detailed documentation and support for easy integration and setup
  • Enables businesses to improve communication with customers, clients, and leads through the convenience of SMS messaging.


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