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Formidable Forms Pro
Formidable Forms Pro 6.1.2



Formidable Forms Pro 6.1.2

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Formidable Forms Pro is an advanced WordPress form builder plugin that allows you to turn any form into a data-driven application. Use its easy drag-and-drop builder to build advanced WordPress forms and earn more clients. This plugin comes with features such as integrated views, repeater fields, dynamic fields, conditional logic and many more. Formidable Forms Pro also allows you to customize easily using its 125+ hooks and customizable HTML. However, this WordPress Form Builder plugin also comes with tons of Form Templates. Get access to premium designed contact forms, calculator, payment and WooCommerce forms with a single click of a button.

Note: Extensions must be purchased separately.

Version: 6.1.2

Developer: Formidable

Updated: March 17, 2023

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Formidable Forms Pro Features

Why do you need Formidable Forms Pro?

It’s true there are tons of free WordPress Form plugins out there, so you might be wondering: why do I need Formidable Forms Pro? Whether you’re building your first website or are a professional website designer, Formidable Forms Pro is the best WordPress Form Builder out there. This premium plugin offers tons of advanced features that allows you to bring your forms to the next level. Some of its features include the powerful calculated fields and smart forms with conditional logic. If you have an e-commerce website, you can easily create automated calculator forms. These forms will produce quotes, discounts and comparisons instantly. Formidable Forms Pro also allows you to increase your conversion rates with conditional logic.
If you are serious about your online business, then Formidable Forms Pro is the plugin for you. Not only does it come with tons of premium features, it also allows you to completely customize each form. This allows you to make your forms merge perfectly with your brand.

The best and most versatile WordPress Forms Builder plugin out there

Formidable Forms Pro is without a doubt the best WordPress Forms Builder plugin on the market. No other WordPress form plugin offers the same set of powerful features in an easy-to-use interface. Its features include:
Display Form Data – display form data on the front end of any WordPress site
Calculated Fields – Calculate quotes, product forms and more instantly.
Repeater fields – collect multiple sets of data like work history, team registrations and events.
Multi-page forms with a progress bar – This is a great feature for longer forms such as application forms.
Form scheduling – Automatically open and close forms based on date or response limit
Save and continue – Allow logged-in users to save their forms and resume them later.
Date Picker options – Add options to date fields and choose which dates can be selected.
Review Summary Before Submit – Make sure forms are being filled in correctly by letting users review them before submission.
Digital Signatures – Collect written signatures by adding an electronic signature box to your WordPress Form.
User Tracking – See which pages users visit prior to submitting a form.

Build and style your WordPress forms easily using the drag and drop builder

Building and styling your WordPress forms has never been easier with Formidable Forms Pro. You can handpick the fields in your form by simply dragging and dropping. Or you can use the template library to get you started quickly. Scroll through the pre-designed forms and find the perfect form for you. Build calculator forms, polls & surveys and quizzes withouth needing to know any code. Formidable Forms Pro also allows you to create smart forms with conditional logic. Once you’ve created your form, you can style them using the Visual Form Styler. Make each form on-brand without having to know any code. Do more in less time with this WordPress Form Builder plugin.

Collect payments and grow your online business using Formidable Forms Pro

Easily collect payments and donations using Formidable Forms Pro. Whether you’re selling physical goods, digital goods, services or more, Formidable Forms Pro is the solution for you.
E-commerce Pricing fields – Quickly create quantities and automatic totals by creating e-commerce solutions
Stripe Payment – Accept safe and secure credit card payments without your users ever having to leave your website.
PayPal Payment – Automate your online business and receive instant or recurring payments Payments – Allow customers to do one-time payments directly on your site using
WooCommerce Products – Collect the data you need by adding custom fields to WooCommerce product forms.

Display your form data with integrated views

Formidable Forms Pro is more than just a WordPress Form Builder. With Formidable Views you can display input data in a clean and structured way. You can display entry tables, listings and directories. Generate user profiles, tables and more. Get entry statistics and display graphs. Search entries from the front-end and filter dynamically by date, user and more.

Formidable Forms Pro integrated flawlessly with your favorite third part WordPress plugins

Unleash even more possibilities with Formidable Forms Pro’s many integrations. This plugin works perfectly with Mailchimp, API Webhooks, Zapier, WPML Multilingual Forms, Constant Contact, Mailpoet, AWeber, GetResponse, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce and many more!

  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • Visual Styler
  • Getting your contact forms to look amazing in your theme is no longer difficult.
  • Tons of Form Templates
  • Not just contact forms, but calculators, payment forms, and WooCommerce forms.
  • Transform entries into listings, directories, calendars and powerful front-end content.
  • Repeater Fields
  • Simply collect multiple sets of data like team registrations, work history, and events.
  • Dynamic Fields
  • Automatically populate fields with saved entries, user meta and much more.
  • Easy to Customize
  • Adding customizations couldn’t be easier with 125+ hooks and customizable HTML.

1 review for Formidable Forms Pro 6.1.2

  1. W. (verified owner)

    THE best form builder by far for Wordpress, Calculations and drag & drop!

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