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FooEvents Seating 1.8.0


FooEvents Seating is an innovative event management solution that offers assistance in designing and implementing an efficient seating plan for any event. By utilizing its user-friendly interface and robust features, FooEvents Seating optimizes the entire process of organizing seating arrangements, encompassing ticket sales, seat assignments, and all other related tasks. Regardless of whether you are coordinating a modest conference or an expansive music festival, FooEvents Seating streamlines the process and guarantees that each attendee will have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Consequently, if you are seeking a dependable and user-friendly seating solution for your upcoming event, FooEvents Seating is undoubtedly the ideal choice. Hence, elevate your event to a level of seamless execution and eliminate any potential complications by implementing FooEvents Seating.

Version: 1.8.0
Developer: FooEvents

Updated: January 23, 2024

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FooEvents Seating Features

With the implementation of FooEvents Seating, event organizers are bestowed with the remarkable capability to efficiently and effectively administer and allocate seating arrangements for their esteemed guests. This cutting-edge software fundamentally simplifies and expedites the otherwise intricate and time-consuming process of seating allocation, thereby guaranteeing that guests are meticulously assigned to their coveted seats without encountering any perplexity or unnecessary delays. The highly user-friendly and instinctual interface furnished by this software empowers organizers to fashion bespoke seating arrangements in accordance with their unique specifications, effortlessly manage bookings, and effortlessly monitor attendance in real-time. By availing yourself of the extraordinary functionalities offered by FooEvents Seating, you are unequivocally ensuring that the attendees of your event are bestowed with a seamless, gratifying, and thoroughly unforgettable experience.

  • User-friendly seating management system for event organizers
  • Easily create and manage seating plans for events
  • Customizable seating categories and ticket types
  • Real-time availability of seats and ticket sales
  • Flexible pricing options for different sections and seats
  • Automated ticket printing and scanning
  • Easy integration with popular ticketing platforms
  • Seating charts can be displayed on event website for guests to select their seats
  • Accessible from anywhere with internet connection
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics for tickets and seating data


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