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FacetWP Hierarchy Select 0.5.3


The plugin known as FacetWP Hierarchy Select is designed to optimize the capabilities of the FacetWP search and filtering tool by providing users with advanced functionalities. By incorporating this plugin into their websites, users gain the ability to establish hierarchies and nested categories within their search results, ultimately resulting in improved product discoverability for their customers. Consequently, the employment of this plugin yields a search experience that is meticulously organized and highly structured, thereby augmenting the overall user experience and subsequently contributing to an increase in conversion rates.

Version: 0.5.3
Developer: FacetWP

Updated: December 12, 2022

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FacetWP Hierarchy Select Features

FacetWP Hierarchy Select is an immensely powerful tool that grants users the ability to incorporate a hierarchical selection into their FacetWP facets, thereby enhancing and refining the search experience for visitors to their website. By employing this tool, users can effortlessly generate a more orderly and structured search encounter. The tool conveniently permits users to select both parent and child terms, which are subsequently exhibited in a dropdown menu on the website’s front end. This exceedingly simplifies the process of navigating and filtering copious amounts of data. Moreover, the simplicity with which FacetWP Hierarchy Select can be operated is truly remarkable, and it can be effortlessly tailored to accommodate the unique requirements of any website or enterprise. Regardless of whether your objective is to augment the search functionality of your e-commerce emporium or simply endeavor to cultivate a more user-friendly search experience, the possession of FacetWP Hierarchy Select is undeniably indispensable.

  • FacetWP Hierarchy Select is an add-on for the popular FacetWP plugin, designed to improve the functionality of hierarchical data filtering.
  • With FacetWP Hierarchy Select, site owners can create multi-level dropdown lists that allow their visitors to drill down into complex data hierarchies.
  • This functionality is perfect for sites that need to organize and display large amounts of data, such as product catalogs, city directories, or event schedules.
  • The plugin is highly customizable, allowing site owners to choose the level of hierarchy they want to display and the order in which it appears.
  • It also integrates seamlessly with other FacetWP add-ons, such as the dynamic map and calendar widgets.
  • FacetWP Hierarchy Select is easy to set up and use, with simple shortcodes and intuitive settings that make it accessible for developers and non-developers alike.
  • Finally, the add-on comes with comprehensive documentation and support from the FacetWP team, ensuring that site owners always have access to the help they need to make the most of their data filtering tools.


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