External Importer Pro Import Affiliate Products Into WooCommerce 1.3.8


External Importer Pro is an advanced WooCommerce product scraper plugin that can extract product data from any eCommerce site. This plugin is a great asset to your online affiliate store, deal site or dropshipping store. With this product scraper plugin you no longer need to manually search and add products to your website. This plugin allows you to automatically extract product data from multiple eCommerce sites and import them into WooCommerce. You only need to copy and past the product or listing URL and External Importer Pro does all the rest. This means that you don’t need API access or CSV or XML feeds. Besides basic information such as title, image, price, description etc., you can also extract additional data. Using Advanced Parsers you can extract gallery images, old price, brand, category path, user reviews and more! Automatically import products, receive automatic updates and see your eCommerce grow. Generate revenue by using your existing affiliate IDs and build a successful business!

Version: 1.3.8

Developer: Keywordrush

Updated: July 12, 2021

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External Importer Pro Import Affiliate Products Into WooCommerce Features

How to import WooCommerce products with External Importer Pro?

To start importing products, you go first go to the External Importer menu and click the ‘product import’ option. Here you can copy and paste your product or listing URL. External Importer Pro can extract data from two types of pages: Listings and Products. On the products page you can extract data from single URL pages. The listings page on the other hand is a collection of items based on their search query or product category. This means the plugin will extract all links on that page. There is no need for API access and you also don’t need to bother with large CSV files!
External Importer Pro works with Structured Data Parsers that works with any website that uses a structured data markup. JSON-LD, RDFa, Microdata, Open Graph and Twitter graph. With Structured Data Parsers you can collect data such as title, image, price, currency, availability, description etc.
Besides that, this plugin comes with Advanced Parsers as well that allows you to extract additional data. Gallery images, old price, brand, category path, specifications and user reviews with ratings.
Once you have your products in your WooCommerce catalog, you have full control over its data. With its Auto Synchronization feature, your products’ prises and availability are updated automatically.

Grow your online store by using the best WooCommerce product scraper plugin

Start earning money with External Importer Pro. This plugin automatically uses your affiliate IDs to generate affiliate links for all products. Keep 100% of the affiliate commisions you earn and you can even set custom margins for dropshipping products. Drive traffic through any affiliate network by using deeplinks or by dynamically changing them in order to generate affiliate links.
If you run a dropshipping store, you can import any kind of product as a ‘simple’ WooCommerce product. Use flexible rules to set your markup and create a successful dropshipping store.
Use special widgets and filters for your WooCommerce catalog with global/local attributes. You can decide yourself which product specification you want to make global attributes (taxonomy).

Significantly speed up your workflow with External Importer Pro

Say goodbye to manually importing every product into your WooCommerce store. Extract all the data you need with a single click. You can rest assured your product details are always correct and up to date.
On top of that, the Dynamic categories feature will simplify bulk importing even more. Products with extracted category paths are automatically added to the corresponding category.
Last but not least, to ensure all this data does not slow down your website, external images can are shown by its URL. This means you don’t need to save featured images and galleries onto your local media library. It loads the images from external sites and allows you to save up space on your server’s hard drive.

  • Auto synchronization
  • Auto import
  • Avoid getting blocked
  • Use any affiliate networks
  • Dropshipping store
  • Affiliate Egg integration
  • Global/local attributes
  • External images by URL
  • Dynamic categories


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External Importer Pro Import Affiliate Products Into WooCommerce
External Importer Pro Import Affiliate Products Into WooCommerce 1.3.8



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