Easy Digital Downloads Social Discounts
Easy Digital Downloads Social Discounts 2.0.5

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Easy Digital Downloads Social Discounts 2.0.5

Original price was: $29.00.Current price is: $3.99.

Easy Digital Downloads Social Discounts is a highly useful and efficient plugin that provides you with the capability to effortlessly and seamlessly grant discounts to your esteemed customers in the event that they decide to share your incredibly innovative and remarkable products on various, popular, and well-known social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, among others. This ingenious and innovative feature acts as a powerful tool to encourage and motivate your loyal customers and clients to actively engage in the act of sharing your astoundingly remarkable and awe-inspiring products with their esteemed friends and family members, thereby enabling and facilitating the propagation and dissemination of your highly esteemed and well-regarded brand throughout the vast and extensive social media landscape, which consequentially aids and assists in the generation of an increased and amplified volume of traffic to your highly impressive and incredibly well-constructed website. Furthermore, the Easy Digital Downloads Social Discounts plugin enables and empowers you with the ability and capacity to adjust and modify the discount amount to a level that suits your individual preferences and requirements, as well as craft and create a personalized and customized message that will be shared across the various social media platforms, in addition to choosing and selecting the specific social media platforms you wish to extend and offer this exclusive and unique discount opportunity to.

Version: 2.0.5
Developer: Easy Digital Downloads

Updated: February 9, 2021

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Easy Digital Downloads Social Discounts Features

Easy Digital Downloads Social Discounts is a remarkably robust and potent plugin that provides you with the impeccable capability to offer your valued customers exclusive discounts as a form of reciprocation for their social media engagement. This extraordinary plugin enables you to effortlessly devise and implement elaborate social media campaigns that effectively motivate your esteemed customers to actively share your captivating content across their multifaceted and diverse social media platforms, thereby effectively catapulting your reach to a tremendously expansive and diverse audience while simultaneously bolstering your brand recognition and establishing a profound and formidable brand identity. Additionally, this plugin has been meticulously designed and engineered to facilitate an effortless and seamless setup process that is highly intuitive, and it allows you to meticulously tailor and personalize every aspect of your social media campaigns to ensure that they align with your unique and specific business goals and objectives. Moreover, this plugin boasts an impressive range of highly sophisticated and advanced features, including but not limited to the incorporation of custom discount codes, the automatic dissemination of email notifications, and the provision of incredibly comprehensive and detailed reporting and analytics, which enable you to meticulously analyze and scrutinize the efficacy and impact of your social media campaigns in terms of generating tangible and quantifiable results. In essence, whether your primary objective is to augment and expand your existing social media following or to significantly amplify and augment your overall sales volume, the indispensable inclusion of Easy Digital Downloads Social Discounts within your arsenal of indispensable digital tools is an absolute imperative and an unequivocal necessity for any and every e-commerce business endeavoring to thrive and flourish in today’s highly competitive and cut-throat business landscape.

  • Allows customers to earn store discounts by sharing your products on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
  • Provides a simple and hasslefree way to incentivize customers to share your products and promote your brand on social media channels
  • Integrates seamlessly with Easy Digital Downloads, one of the most popular and userfriendly ecommerce platforms
  • Enables customization of social discount settings, including the number of shares required for a discount, discount amount, and social media networks used for sharing
  • Tracks social media shares and automatically applies the corresponding discount code once the threshold is met
  • Allows you to track the success of social discounts through realtime analytics and reporting
  • Can boost customer engagement and loyalty while increasing brand awareness and sales


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