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Mailchimp is amazing. So amazing that we use it ourselves for all of our own email marketing and automation needs. It is one of the most important services we use to run and grow our business and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Version: 3.0.15

Developer: Easy Digital Downloads

Updated: November 19, 2021

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Easy Digital Downloads MailChimp Features

Subscribe customers to your lists
With this powerful extension your can grow and engage your audience by taking advantage of all the features Mailchimp provides. First and foremost, your can automatically subscribe customers to specific lists and groups based on the item(s) they have purchased. Plus, your customers can opt themselves into a list during checkout by simply checking a box.
Detailed eCommerce reporting
With complete support for Mailchimp’s eCommerce tracking, this extension also provides your with access to the eCommerce reports and automation tools inside of your Mailchimp account. your’ll be able to see which products are driving more subscribers as well as which campaigns in Mailchimp are resulting in more sales.
Segment your lists in so many ways
With the eCommerce data sent from Easy Digital Downloads, your’ll be able to create segments and groups which your can then use for future email campaigns. For example, your can create automated followup campaigns upselling your premium products to only those subscribers who purchased your basic or free downloads. Or your can send surveys to subscribers who purchased only certain products. Or your can create one-time campaigns to send to all customers who bought your old product to tell them about your new one. The possibilities are endless!
Option for selecting which lists to subscribe customers to
Pair Mailchimp with Free Downloads to grow your email list
This Mailchimp extension is fully integrated with our Free Downloads extension, making it even easier to grow your email list rapidly. With this combination, your can convert consumers of your free products into email subscribers, who are then much more likely to want your premium products once they discover just how awesome your free stuff is.
Signing up for an email list when downloading a free product
Control your subscription process
your know your business and your audience best. This extension allows your to control how and when customers get subscribed to your list and whether or not they are sent a “double opt-in” email. That email gives them an opportunity to confirm their desire to join your list and helps ensure your are only sending your campaigns to people who want to hear more from your.
Detailed settings screen
Send purchase receipts through Mailchimp
Easy Digital Downloads sends fully customizable purchase receipts automatically to customers after they buy, with no extensions required. But there are a few features offered by Mailchimp which can make it beneficial to rely on their service for delivering these important emails. These include:
Improved deliverability. Mailchimp’s email deliverability is second to none. If your’re sending a large volume of emails and/or are having deliverability issues, relying on Mailchimp to handle them will be a smart move.
Use Mailchimp email templates. The email templates offered by Mailchimp are beautiful and easy to customize. If your want your purchase receipts to look just like the rest of the emails your send your subscribers, this integration makes it possible.
A/B testing. With Mailchimp, any email campaign can be configured so that multiple alternate versions are sent and their results are compared so your can see which version performs better. By using this extension, your can run tests to figure out exactly how to optimize your purchase receipt emails.
screenshot of the mailchimp email automation possibilities
Mailchimp’s eCommerce automation options
Mailchimp is an incredibly powerful solution with many more features than we’ve mentioned here. To learn more about what Mailchimp offers, go here and see for yourself!


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Easy Digital Downloads MailChimp
Easy Digital Downloads MailChimp 3.0.15



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