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BuddyPress Auto Friendship Pro
BuddyPress Auto Friendship Pro 1.1.0



BuddyPress Auto Friendship Pro 1.1.0


BuddyPress Auto Friendship Pro allows you to add users as friends, followers or following to the newly registered member.

Version: 1.1.0

Developer: BuddyDev

Updated: October 7, 2022

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BuddyPress Auto Friendship Pro Features

  • Each list can be used as a friendship list or follower list or following list.
  • The follower list adds the matching users from the list as a follower of the new user.
  • Allow site admin to create multiple lists.
  • When a user registers, they will have new friends based on the matched list.
  • Allow site admin to add any number of users to individual friendship/followers/following list.
  • Allows site admin to create conditional as well as global auto friendship/follow/following list.
  • Friendship lists add the new user as friends of all the users from the list if they match the criteria.
  • The following list adds the new user as a follower of the matching users from the lists.


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