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Bookly Staff Cabinet Addon
Bookly Tasks Addon 2.0



Bookly Tasks Addon 2.0


The Bookly Tasks add-on enables you to achieve a variety of operational objectives. Advanced CRM functions are enabled, and you may give your staff members assignments. You may also alter the order of the booking process and accept client enquiries without giving a precise time or date.

Version: 2.0

Developer: Codecanyon

Updated: July 21, 2022

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Bookly Tasks Addon Features

For instance, in the first use case, you may assign your staff members responsibilities to decide on a meeting with a certain customer. Once completed, they establish the meeting’s date and time, which turns the job into an appointment.
The Bookly Tasks add-on, like an illustration in the second use case, is useful for altering your booking procedure if you don’t have a regular schedule. You can completely disable and conceal the Time step and just accept customer queries, which will result in the creation of a backlog of work. These jobs can either be scheduled for later or marked as finished.

  • Keep track of all your forthcoming appointments, unplanned bookings, and to-dos in one location with the Bookly admin interface, where you can create and manage an endless number of activities.
  • Allow customers to forego choosing their own dates and times up front.
  • Allow the backend administrator to choose the customer’s time slot.
  • Mark off accomplished tasks or make an impromptu appointment with a time and date.
  • Once your task is finished, send alerts.


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