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Bookly Stripe 4.5


Bookly Stripe is a remarkably robust add-on that seamlessly integrates with the highly sought-after booking and scheduling plugin, Bookly. By incorporating Bookly Stripe into their operations, establishments can effortlessly facilitate payment acceptance from their esteemed clientele by leveraging the formidable capabilities of Stripe, a payment processing platform that is renowned for its unwavering commitment to security and dependability. This highly advantageous integration effectively streamlines the entire booking and payment experience, ultimately allowing businesses to allocate their valuable time and resources towards providing unparalleled levels of service, all the while blissfully unencumbered by the arduous task of payment processing. Furthermore, the setup process for Bookly Stripe is a breeze, and it proudly offers a myriad of customizable features that can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of any establishment, no matter how unique or diverse their needs may be.

Version: 4.5
Developer: Codecanyon

Updated: January 2, 2024

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Bookly Stripe Features

Bookly Stripe, a robust online tool, has been specifically designed to efficiently manage and process payments for businesses. It serves as an ideal solution for enterprises heavily reliant on online payments for their offered services or products. By seamlessly integrating the payment system provided by Bookly Stripe onto your website or app, you can effortlessly and securely accept payments from your valued customers. This remarkable tool not only offers a simplistic and user-friendly interface for effectively managing all your billing information, but it also enables you to effortlessly generate and administer invoices, subscriptions, and refunds. Moreover, Bookly Stripe provides an array of advanced functionalities such as automatic billing, customer management, and personalized payment forms, all of which contribute to streamlining your payment process. Thus, considering its exemplary features, it is evident that Bookly Stripe serves as a highly commendable choice for businesses aiming to optimize their payment system and enhance customer experience.

  • Seamless integration between Bookly and Stripe payment processing
  • Allows businesses to easily accept credit card payments for appointments
  • Advanced security measures to protect sensitive customer information
  • Customizable payment forms to fit the branding and needs of each business
  • Syncs payments automatically with Bookly’s appointment scheduling system
  • Ability to automatically charge customers for no-show appointments or cancellations according to the business’s policies
  • Real-time reporting and analytics to track payments and revenue
  • Flexibility to accept payments from multiple currencies and countries
  • Option for customers to save their payment information for future appointments.


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