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Bookly Packages Addon 6.4


The Bookly Packages Addon is an incredible solution that is specifically designed for businesses that have the capability to offer multiple services or treatment packages. This amazing addon empowers you to effortlessly combine various services and products into convenient bundles that can be easily booked and effectively managed, thereby granting your esteemed clients the invaluable flexibility to personalize and tailor their unique experience while, at the same time, significantly simplifying your intricate booking process. By virtue of its remarkable features, which include the ability to establish package prices and durations, efficiently handle appointments and payments, as well as accurately monitor and track package usage, the Bookly Packages Addon remarkably streamlines and optimizes your business operations, ultimately culminating in an enhanced and unparalleled client experience.

Version: 6.4
Developer: Codecanyon

Updated: February 9, 2024

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Bookly Packages Addon Features

Bookly Packages Addon is an exceptionally robust and immensely valuable tool that empowers businesses to effortlessly offer irresistible package deals to their esteemed customers. By harnessing the incredible capabilities of this addon, enterprises can seamlessly create and present alluring packages that encompass a multitude of services or products, while ingeniously determining a singular price for the entire package. This ingenious feature facilitates a convenient and cost-effective solution for customers, enabling them to conveniently procure an array of services or products in a single transaction, thereby resulting in substantial savings. Moreover, this remarkable addon boasts an array of additional features, including but not limited to the ability to personalize package names and descriptions, establish precise package durations, and even extend lucrative discounts for select packages. The exceptional Bookly Packages Addon revolutionizes the booking process for customers, optimizing efficiency, and ultimately driving unprecedented revenue growth.

  • Offers various packages for Bookly, a booking and scheduling plugin for WordPress
  • Can be added onto the Bookly plugin to allow users to create and sell customizable service packages
  • Includes options for setting package prices, duration, and services included
  • Allows for easy management of customer bookings and package usage
  • Helps businesses and service providers increase revenue by offering bundled services
  • Provides a sleek and modern interface for creating and marketing service packages
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Bookly addons and features
  • Saves time and increases efficiency by automating the booking process
  • Offers a flexible and customizable solution for businesses of all sizes and types.


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