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Blackhole Pro WordPress Security Plugin
Blackhole Pro WordPress Security Plugin 3.2.1



Blackhole Pro WordPress Security Plugin 3.2.1


Blackhole Pro is a WordPress security plugin that automatically detects and traps bad bots in a virtual blackhole, where they are blocked from your site.

Version: 3.2.1

Developer: Plugin Planet

Updated: November 16, 2022

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Blackhole Pro WordPress Security Plugin Features

  • Customize the email template with shortcodes
  • Saves server resources for humans and good bots
  • Instant access to plugin information
  • Exclude the trigger link on any post or page
  • Custom redirects
  • Disable the trigger link (advanced use)
  • Auto-import data from free version of Blackhole
  • Set adresses for both “To” and “From” headers
  • Prevents bad bots from besmudging your brand
  • Alerts include IP and complete Whois Lookup
  • Every plugin option fully documented
  • Keeps plugin pages nice and tidy
  • Choose a custom URL for whitelisted bots
  • Plugin documentation on every screen
  • Protects automatically, silently
  • Blacklist bots based on user agent
  • Filterable search, custom sorting, paged results
  • Receive an email alert for each blocked bot
  • Displays total number of blocked hits
  • Receive an alert for every blocked bot
  • Popular search engines always allowed access
  • Choose the Warning Message or create your own
  • Threshold level
  • Choose the Blocked Message or create your own
  • Customize the hidden Blackhole trigger link
  • Developed for optimal performance
  • HTTP status codes
  • Add bots manually via IP address
  • Email notifications
  • Choose a custom URL to redirect blocked bots
  • One-click restore default plugin options
  • Records number of times each bot is blocked
  • Whitelist good bots based on user agent
  • Whitelist good bots based on IP address
  • Improves traffic quality and overall site security
  • It’s fun to watch bad bots fall into the trap
  • Easily access information via the Help tab
  • Works with other security plugins
  • Stops leeches, scanners, and spammers
  • Whitelist entire ranges of IP addresses
  • Works silently and effectively behind the scenes
  • Automatic honeypot spider trap
  • Delete selected bots with a click
  • Complete docs at your fingertips
  • Warning & blocked messages
  • Blackhole trigger link
  • Set how many warnings before bots are blocked
  • Complete bot data: IP, request, user agent, etc.
  • Automatic Geo/IP location lookups for each bot
  • Built with WordPress APIs
  • Choose from several types of alert messages


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