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AffiliateWP Affiliate Groups 1.6.12


The AffiliateWP Affiliate Groups tool is a remarkably potent tool that empowers its users to effectively generate and manage affiliate groups. This powerful plugin, teeming with features, offers the capacity for efficient affiliate group generation. It allows you to construct segmented affiliate collectives within your affiliate program, each with distinct commission rates and referral rates.

Managing personalized affiliate group attributes becomes a breeze with the AffiliateWP Affiliate Groups plugin. It optimizes your affiliate program, resulting in better affiliate program management and offering various AffiliateWP Affiliate Groups benefits. You can seamlessly administer affiliate groups, and the power of AffiliateWP Affiliate Groups is evident in its efficacy.

Embrace the AffiliateWP Affiliate Groups features and enhance your program’s overall success. With this tool, you’re not just constructing an affiliate program with AffiliateWP Affiliate Groups – you’re gearing it towards achieving unprecedented heights of triumph and success. The optimization offered by the AffiliateWP Affiliate Groups tool can propel your program into a realm of achievement that speaks volumes about the triumph and success of

Version: 1.6.12
Developer: Affiliate WP

Updated: March 27, 2021

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AffiliateWP Affiliate Groups Features

AffiliateWP Affiliate Groups emerges as an exceedingly potent add-on that has been uniquely formulated to facilitate businesses in their endeavors to effectively concoct and regulate affiliate groups. By availing this remarkable tool, users are endowed with the incredible capability to seamlessly classify their affiliates into groups, contingent upon a myriad of criteria, ranging from geographical location to marketing channel. Consequently, this engenders the process of monitoring performance and duly compensating the creme de la creme of affiliates. Furthermore, in addition to its awe-inspiring functionalities, the add-on is replete with cutting-edge features, inclusive of automated commission adjustments and the provision of group-specific commission rates. These notable attributes furnish businesses with the unparalleled opportunity to tailor their affiliate program in accordance with their bespoke requirements. In light of these compelling reasons, it unequivocally becomes self-evident that AffiliateWP Affiliate Groups is an indispensable tool for any discerning business that harbors an ardent desire to optimize and maximize the efficacy of their affiliate marketing endeavors.

  • -Organize your affiliates in groups for better management and tracking
  • -Segment affiliate commissions and earnings reports by group
  • -Create special offers and promotions exclusively for specific affiliate groups
  • -Set different commission rates for each group to incentivize performance
  • -Easily add or remove affiliates from groups as needed
  • -Improve communication and collaboration among affiliates within their respective groups
  • -View performance and activity data for each group in one central location
  • -Integrate with popular e-commerce and membership plugins for seamless functionality
  • -Streamline your affiliate program and increase efficiency with AffiliateWP Affiliate Groups.


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