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Happy Addons Pro for Elementor
Happy Addons Pro for Elementor 2.7.1



Happy Addons Pro for Elementor 2.7.1


Happy Add-ons Pro for Elementor is a collection of interactive, heavily customizable, and trendy Elementor widgets. Create amazing-looking websites with its 80+ rich widgets, ready-made templates, exclusive features and interactive animations. Finally, everyone can create a professional looking and feeling website within minutes. Create advanced data tables, manage event calendars, customize your WooCommerce site and effortlessly design your next website using its 400+ pre-made Elementor templates. Add staggering animations to your design using Happy Addons Pro’s many in-built motion effects. Spice up your website using the Background Overlay and add pictures, shading, and symbols behind any widget. This must-have plugin also provides an interactive experience using features such as the Advanced Background Parallex effect and Happy Particle effect. Finally, this plugin allows you to save time with its cross domain copy and paste feature. These and many more features are what distinguishes Happy Addons Pro from its competitors. No wonder the official Elementor page-builder recommended this amazing plugin!

Version: 2.7.1

Developer: Elementor

Updated: January 12, 2023

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Happy Addons Pro for Elementor Features

Instantly create a stunning website with its 400+ Elementor templates

Let’s face it, designing a widget is a time-consuming and tedious process. Imagine saving hours while still creating a unique and stylish website, Happy Addons Pro makes this possible! This powerful plugin is not only a collection of premium widgets, but allows you to customize each individual widget with its countless pre-designed presets. Simply go to the Presets tab and click your desired design in the dropdown menu!
Besides customizable widgets, Happy Addons Pro offers 65+ page templates and 450+ Ready Sections. From landing pages, portfolios, product pages and more, create an appealing design for every niche. If you need a bit more flexibility in your page layout, simply use the predefined section designs.

Last but not least, this advanced Elementor plugin gives you access to the Happy Icons library which consist of 500+ symbols. Refine your website and add character through uniquely designed line icons. Once you have created your web design, easily oversee any section request and their width.

Save time with Happy Addons Pro copy-paste features

A common complaint amongst new WordPress designers is how difficult it is to make an exact copy of a demo site onto your own. The team behind Happy Addons has listened to its users and implemented a feature called Live Copy. This allows you to copy directly from a Happy Addons Demo site onto your own personal website!
Once you’ve made your very first website, you’ll soon want to create a second one. Once again, this must-have Elementor plugin is here to smooth out the process. With Cross Domain Copy Paste, you can save yourself repetitive work by copying and pasting anything from one site to another. How great is that right?

Advanced features to enhance your website’s design even more

Built-in motion effects
This amazing Elementor add-on offers mesmerizing animations to make each webpage an interactive experience. Animate and rotate objects across x, y and z axis. Use its unique floating effect or CSS Transform feature to make your website truly come alive.

Image Masking
Sometimes you need more than just a boring circle or square for your images. Happy Addons Pro lets you add a creative touch to your design by masking images in the specific shape you need. With Happy Addons’ collection of custom SVS shapes, you no longer need expensive photo editing tools to make unique image shapes.

Happy Particle effect
Leave a lasting first-impression using the Happy Particle effect. Create cool effects, bring extra happiness to your clients and make your website stand out from millions of others.
Unlimited Section Nesting
Currently, Elementor does not allow its user to add more than one section within a page. However, with Happy Addons Pro you can now add unlimited sections within a single section. Make the Elementor canvas your playground and enhance your work even more!
Obtain these and 40+ more extra-ordinary widgets in Happy Addons Pro version!

Lightweight and blazing fast despite its impressive power

Through Happy Addons’ On Demand Asset Loading, you can keep your website light and fast. Its amazing asset engine lets you select which CSS and JavaScript assets need to be loaded with a single click. Define which assets are essential and increase your website’s speed.

  • Feature list
  • Pricing table
  • Flip box
  • Advanced heading
  • Hover box
  • Team carousel
  • Scrolling image
  • Advanced tab
  • Advanced accordion
  • Testimonium carousel
  • Logo carousel
  • Animated text
  • Timeline
  • Instagram feed
  • Advanced toggle
  • List group
  • Countdown
  • Source code
  • Promo box
  • Hotspot
  • Price menu
  • Business hour
  • Line chart
  • Pie & doughnut chart
  • Polar area chart
  • Radar chart
  • Facebook feed
  • Twitter feed carousel
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Sticky video
  • Advanced data table
  • Modal popup
  • Single image scroll
  • Post grid
  • Post tiles
  • Smart post list
  • Post carousel
  • Author list
  • WooCommerce product grid
  • WooCommerce product carousel
  • WooCommerce product category carousel
  • WooCommerce single product
  • WooCommerce mini cart
  • Cross-domain copy-past
  • Section nesting
  • Live copy
  • Image masking
  • Particle effect
  • Display condition


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